Embedding videos

Videos can be embedded on any page in a variety of different styles. The embed code ships with convenient functions to quickly videos into your webshop. The standard embed options include:

  • A video thumbnail as Autheos.thumbnail
  • A video button as Autheos.button
  • Inline video as Autheos.inline

By default, the embed code assumes you are embedding videos on a product page. However, since the embed code can be used on any sort of page, it is important to configure the page type in all embeds. This way you’ll receive the most relevant video content, optimized per page type.

  ean: ['1234567890123', '9999999999999'],
  language: ['nl', 'en'],
  context: 'product-page'

Valid page types are:

  • product-page (Default)
  • home-page
  • category-page
  • search-page
  • brand-page