Legal Notice#

By implementing the Autheos code on your website you agree to Autheos General Terms and Conditions, click here

What browsers do you support?#

Autheos supports all major browsers and platforms. On Windows, we support IE10 and up. If you experience any bugs, please contact us.

Our prepackaged CDN build includes fetch and promise polyfills to ensure maximum browser compatibility. For npm, you may have to include the polyfills yourself. We cover this in the npm installation instructions.

Can I install Autheos in a CMS? (Magento, WordPress, etc.)#

While we don’t have dedicated plugins for content management systems at the time of writing, it is possible to install Autheos within a CMS. Place our code in your product page template and everything should work as expected.

I get the error that Autheos is not defined. Why?#

This is likely happening because you have a module loader like RequireJS or Dojo on your website. In this case, you want to use the require function provided by your module loader to load our embed code.

Read about usage with UMD for more detail.

I don’t use EANs on my webshop. What can I do?#

Contact us! We’re sure we can help you out.

Do I have to place the embed code everywhere on my webshop?#

You can place the embed code anywhere you want. We advice you to only place our embed code in your templates though, so you can get the EAN of a product from your backend. Saves you a lot of time, and only requires you to integrate once:

I’m a brand with a webshop, can I still use the embed code?#

Of course! Autheos works anywhere.

There is a video on my webshop that I want to remove. What can I do?#

Register an account on our platform, go to your dashboard, block the video.

I want to get more videos on my shop!#

Invite brands, upload videos yourself, or import a YouTube channel! You can do all of this within your dashboard.

Can I use Autheos outside of the browser?#

No, Autheos is intended to work inside a browser. Server side implementations are against our terms of use. However, support for other JavaScript compatible environments like React-Native is planned. Stay tuned for more information.

My question is still unanswered 🙁#

Take a look at our general/dashboard/whatever FAQ. You can also reach us at support@autheos.com. We usually reply within a workday.